The Knot Worldwide does not allow third-party impression pixels on any promotional social posts. In cases where a click-through URL is required for a social post, third-party click-trackers are accepted.

The Knot Worldwide has designed the native ad cards running on our sites to match the look and feel of our editorial cards to make them truly native. This design improves the ad unit’s performance. To keep native ads consistent and performing well they are standardized, so the fonts and designs of our native ads cannot be changed.

Yes, you may setup multiple banner creatives to deliver evenly, on a weighted basis, or optimized for best performance. Unless specifically requested, all banners are automatically setup to deliver on an optimized rotation. We also have the ability to run specific creatives during a specific time frame, if, for example, you wanted to run certain ads during a time-sensitive sale or promotion.

Custom ads, like expanding units and mobile rich media units, are built by The Knot Worldwide’s creative services team. Two rounds of mockups are typically provided before approval is expected, with the first round of mockups usually ready three business days after receipt of complete and correct assets. If your creative review process is longer than two business days, please alert your Account Manager so they can revise the custom ad’s approval timeline.

Please contact your Account Manager for any questions about campaign reporting or performance. In case you are not sure who your Account Manager is please contact

The Knot Worldwide advertising specifications (specs) and guidelines are the approved technical requirements for all forms of online advertisements across the The Knot Worldwide network. The Knot Worldwide ad specs and guidelines encompass components such as file size, animation length, flash coding, creative guidelines, approved ad servers, etc. The Knot Worldwide's ad specs and guidelines insure maximum performance of advertisements across the various platforms of the The Knot Worldwide network while maintaining the best experience for our users.

Please contact your Account Manager for any questions relating to The Knot National Magazine assets or material deadlines if you have an active contract. You may contact your Account Executive for any questions about The Knot National Magazine contracts or rates.